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What are the most important factors when you are choosing a VPN for Netflix? A few tips and tricks that you can use in 2021

What are the most important factors when you are choosing a VPN for Netflix? A few tips and tricks that you can use in 2021

Use a VPN that is compatible with Netflix is essential. A VPN is going to offer you énormément of content that you don’t have in the French catalog. Other countries like Canada have content that the French catalog does not have. With a VPN you increase the number of movies or series with a single Netflix subscription. There are many sites that index the content of Netflix catalogs. Even if the Netflix catalogs tend to unify there are still notable differences, the options that are available are usable with VPN pas cher en France.

  • The only requirement is to use a VPN that still works with Netflix. The vast majority of VPNs are deregulated by Netflix. In this case you will get this proxy error message:
  • Why this blocking of Netflix? The reason is simple: Netflix advances broadcasting rights own à each country in agreement with the production companies and the Majors!!

Our 3 Best Netflix VPNs advised all have in common:

  • Their ability to block Netflix Canada which is the most interesting catalog for French speakers.
  • Mandatory access to Netflix US because it has the largest catalog in the world
  • Capable of offering a solution if the Netflix blocks the server IP. Usually VPNs have IPs in stock. In fact, the blocking of Netflix is based on a rather simple technique, it is a simple recognition of IPs. So the circumvention relies on its ability to offer blank IPs that are not yet blacklisted.
  • Capacity to offer access to other platforms such as BBC iPlayer – iTV – Amazon prime.

Be patient sometimes because Netflix doesn’t chew it. As soon as Netflix disconnects and blocks an IP address, the VPN switches to a new address but sometimes it takes a few hours when you are using at Surfshark.

ExpressVPN Netflix – Best VPN for Netflix

We know that maintaining a VPN network that works with Netflix is very difficult. ExpressVPN has successfully embarked on this challenge. Réussir à circumventing Netflix’s blockades géographies is its great réussite.

ExpressVPN is Netflix’s VPN specialist for several reasons:

  • The great strength of ExpressVPN is its number of servers including for Netflix users à search for new content: Canada, Belgium, UK, US, Switzerland, …. All these servers work with the local catalog of its countries.
  • ExpressVPN has integrated a SmartDNS à its offer (Media Streamer DNS). For the moment the DNS only blocks Netflix USA. We hope that in the next few weeks they will add a Region settings to déblock other Countries. There is a double advantage to DNS: The streaming speed is faster and it can be installed on other media like game consoles.
  • Possibility to install the VPN on all possible media to enjoy the VPN connection: Windows, Tablets, Freebox, …

ExpressVPN doesn’t have a Streaming or Netflix mode in its connection software. All you have to do is choose a server from the desired country. ExpressVPN takes care of the rest. By défaut ExpressVPN always offers you the fastest.

Often VPNs specialized in Netflix are limited to uses around streaming. The other side of ExpressVPN is its ability to allow other uses: Torrenting; Direct uploading; Streaming; Circumventing censorship (VPN in China, Turkey, etc.).

ExpressVPN is a VPN for Netflix.

ExpressVPN is a very powerful VPN with Netflix. It is this VPN that déblocks the most catalogs. Indeed ExpressVPN has made a reputation for its ability to offer effective VPN access regardless of the location or the sites accessed. In return the price quite high but for those who want their VPN to be always operational ExpressVPN is an excellent choice.

PureVPN Netflix

PureVPN now works with Netflix. PureVPN announces to be able to déblock 7 catalogs (US – UK – Australia – Canada – Germany – France – Japan). In fact PureVPN blocks Netflix US, Netflix UK and Netflix Canada without any problem. Of these three catalogs, it is Netflix Canada that is indispensable. The movies are more numerous and they come out much earlier on this platform than in France.

  • To access à Netflix PureVPN offers in its connection software the Streaming mode. Then choose Netflix in the’tab Chaînes.
  • PureVPN offers multiple tutorials to install their service if other platforms than Windows. Note that PureVPN offers browser extensions perfectly compatible with Netflix.
  • PureVPN déblocks fewer catalogs than ExpressVPN but it is three times cheaper!.

NordVPN Netflix

NordVPN is quite functional with Netflix. It blocks without any problem the 3 most requested catalogs: US – UK and Canada. It has a little more trouble with Netflix France.

  • Notwithstanding, this little shortcoming is compensated by very good streaming speeds, a small price and for all the other features offered by this VPN: P2P, KODI, Streaming of free gated sites, Anonymization (Double VPN – Tor over VPN).
  • NordVPN does not have special servers Streaming in its connection software. You just need to connect to a server in the country of the desired Netflix channel. For Netflix US you can connect to any server (except United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Italy) because NordVPN uses SmartPlay technology for this catalog (which is a DNS redirection). If you feel lost and do not know which servers to choose (because NordVPN has many) then contact the Support that will give you a list with the corresponding numbers.